Compensation & Benefit / Working Condition


We offer various kinds of Compensation & Benefit programs and working conditions to support each employee for their best performance.
(The programs and conditions may vary according to the company regulation of each Bayer group company and to conditions of the employment contract)


Annual Salary System (determined upon your career and current salary level, according to our Salary Regulation)


Overtime work allowance, Sales allowance, Relocation allowance, Housing allowance, Commuter allowance, etc.

Salary Increase

Once in a year


Once in a year

Provided the bonus based on the performance of the Company and performance evaluation of the employee

Labor Hours

From 9:00 to 17:30
Flexible working hours may apply according to company regulation
《For person who works at Plants》
Bayer Yakuhin, Shiga Plant: From 8:15 to 16:45

Bayer Crop Science, Hofu Plant: From 8:30 to 17:00


・ Saturdays and Sundays
・ National holidays and holidays
・ Year-end and new year holidays(December 29 – January 4)
・ Golden Week holidays (April 29 – May 5)


Annual Paid Vacations, Transfer Leave, Congratulation or Condolence Leave, Menstrual Leave, Morning Sickness Leave, Maternity Leave before and after Childbirth, Childcare Leave, Private Injury/Illness Leave, Work Related Injury/Illness Leave, Public Business Leave, Disaster Leave, Leave for Child Nursing Care, Long-Service Leave, Donor Leave, Nursing Care Leave, Work-Life Balance Leave(A day of paid leave is given in one year, the preferred day can be chosen), etc.

Benefits and Welfare

・Company House
・Membership Benefit Service(WELBOX)
・Disaster Compensation

・Support program for Childbirth/Childcare, Nursing care

 * Bayer Holding Ltd. and Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd have obtained "Kurumin" Certification under Act to Support Raising Next-Generations Children.
・Housing Loan
・Long-term service commendation
・Congratulation or Condolence payment
・Relocation support
・Corporate Pension Plan, etc.

Social Insurance

Health Insurance(Bayer group health insurance association),Employees’pension insurance, Employment Insurance